Geekbears / brief

Creating an online marketplace and delivery experience for second hand clothing items.


UI/UX Design Intern


Oct 2017 - June 2018


User research, competitive analysis, ideation, high-fidelity iteration, prototyping, design QA


Hifi Figma + Sketch mocks, Invision prototype, Zeplin spec


Geekbears is a web and mobile development agency that works with all sorts of clients to bring their ideas to life.

During my time at Geekbears, I served as the only designer on my projects, worked closely with engineers to ship products with technical feasibility considerations, and met with clients weekly to stay aligned on product vision and get feedback.

I designed and shipped projects for three different clients in the 8 months I was there. The first was Single Parent Advocate, a non-profit organization based in Dallas where I redesigned an entire website from scratch in order to help boost resources, volunteering opportunities, news postings and donations for single parents. I designed for desktop and mobile platforms.

My second project was shipping a website for Laguna Promenade, a leasing company for a retail shopping plaza in Sacramento, CA. I worked closely with engineers to ship Wordpress compatible designs for pages that the client requeste.

My third, long-term project was designing and shipping a mobile application for Hangurs, an online marketplace for people to sell secondhand items. I worked closely with our clients and engineers for months to redesign the application from scratch, improve the delivery feature within the app given constraints from the delivery API we used, and build out key features based on the clients' visions.

I ultimately handed off my final prototype to another designer to wrap up since I was leaving for the summer, but I'm excited to see this product go to market with the killer team who is now leading its development!

While I cannot share further details about this project publicly, please reach out for a chat if you'd like to learn a bit more!

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