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Designing a feature that guides users to create, set up and organize their workspaces.


Design Intern on the Discovery and Organization team (Confluence Cloud)


May 2019 - August 2019


User research, competitive analysis, ideation, high-fidelity iteration, prototyping


Hifi Sketch mocks, Invision prototype, design spec


Confluence is a workspace tool that helps teams collaborate, share knowledge, and document information.

How does it work?

Let's say Company A owns one website for their entire company, accessible by every employee. This instance is organized by spaces, which function a bit like folders. Inside these folders, people can create pages to do all sorts of things.

For example, a marketing director might enter Company A's instance of Confluence and create a space called "Company A's Awesome Marketing Team".

They invite the relevant marketing, product and sales folks to that space, who create pages within that space to draft up a roll out plan for their newest feature release.

Of course, different companies use Confluence in different ways. Broadly, the vision for Confluence is to be an all-in-one tool to empower teams to do their best work.

Current experience: creating a space based on several templates
Current experience: landing in a new space with lite onboarding via filler content

I interned on the Discovery and Organization team, working closely with the product manager, designers and engineers. My project was focused the user experience of creating, setting up and organizing Confluence spaces.

For this project, I audited the current experience, analyzed competitor products, drafted a research brief, conducted user research, created design artifacts for mental models with space organization, defined the opportunities, aligned with stakeholders across teams, designed high-fidelity mocks, prototyped the final solution and wrote up a design spec for handoff.

Huge, huge thank you to the Discovery and Organization team, Confluence Cloud designers, my mentor Kseniia Cherniavska and manager Steven Brooks. I could not have grown as much as I did without the support and inspiration from these folks!

While I cannot share further details about this project publicly, please reach out for a chat if you'd like to learn a bit more!

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