photo by Nicholas Chiu for HEX, Innovative Design's free workshop series.

Hi there! I'm Alyssa (she/her/hers), a senior studying Cognitive Science and minoring in Music at UC Berkeley.

Most of my professional work experience is in web/mobile design, but I've also explored my interests and skills through group projects in UX research, service design, VR game design, and physical product design, which you can view on my portfolio.

In my projects, I strive for experiences that are intentional, research validated and need driven. I've worked with several types of teams: a remote twelve-person development agency, a group of four students with a variety of majors and years, a global enterprise software company — all of which have shaped how I collaborate with folks from different backgrounds, and design for projects with different needs.

In my community, I've helped lead and organize a design conference, served as the president of Berkeley Innovation, taught workshops, facilitated a student-run 2D animation course, and volunteered as a panelist for a Girls Who Code event hosted by Atlassian. I'm passionate about making design more accessible and elevating the current and future womxn in tech.

Feel free to reach me at — I'm always happy to chat! ( ´ ▽ ` )